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Can Badge Cover

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Prix d'origine
$0.40 - $4.90
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1.How to choose a can badge cover that is suitable for you?

Most can badges commonly use this formula:
Can badge diameter + thickness + cover size (error of about 1-2mm)
For example, If you have a 5.5cm can badge, you can choose a 6.0cm lapel pin case, but a 5.8cm can badge requires using a 6.3cm can badge cover, and a 7.5cm can badge requires using an 8.2cm can badge cover.

2. How transparent is it? How is its texture?

Our store’s covers are produced in our factory. They are of extremely high quality, with a high level of transparency, and are neither soft nor hard!
(If you use a cover that is too thin, it will easily stick to the image on can badges, and the cover will become brittle and break if you use it for a long period of time)

3. Why do you need to use a cover?

A cover can be used to protect can badges against dust, moisture, and scratches. Note: It has a certain level of protection against moisture, but is not fully sealed. We recommend that everyone buys our store’s desiccant when storing your can badges.

Size description of commonly used lapel pins and cases:

  • 3.0cm can badge matches with a 3.4cm cover
  • 3.4cm can badge matches with a 3.8cm cover
  • 3.8cm can badge matches with a 4.2cm cover
  • 4.0cm can badge matches with a 4.5cm cover
  • 4.5cm can badge matches with a 5.0cm cover
  • 5.0cm can badge matches with a 5.4cm cover
  • 5.5cm can badge matches with a 6.0cm cover
  • 5.8cm can badge matches with a 6.3cm cover
  • 6.8cm can badge matches with a 7.2cm cover
  • 7.6cm can badge matches with a 8.2cm cover
  • 8.5cm can badge matches with a 9.0cm cover
  • 10.0cm can badge matches with a 10.5cm cover

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Customer Reviews

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Ayssis De los Reyes
Not satisfied

I liked the items I got

Miriam Martinez
Highly recommended!

Super cute :) Took a bit to get here but definitely worth the wait

Veronica Lamarra
Highly recommended!

Exactly what I needed for my badges! Will definitely order again.

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