A4 Badge & Storage Binder for Items


Storage Binder Q&A

1. What is the maximum number of pages that can be put inside the storage binder?
Due to differences in items’ thicknesses, we suggest that if you want to use the entire binder for storing badges, you should limit it to 10 or less. If you put thin cards or other items inside, you can fit in even more pages.

2. How should I choose the size?
As the badges are thick, you can choose a section that is 4mm larger than the badge so you can fit them inside the sections. For example, in a 6*6 section, you can fit a badge or pendant with a maximum diameter of 5.6cm. You can fit a card with a maximum diameter of 5.9cm.

3. Can I put a badge and a pendant in the inside and outside of a section?
We recommend that it is best not to do that, as badges are not like cards. Placing two badges in the sections will result in the binder becoming especially thick, making it difficult to insert them, which makes it easy for the binder pages to deform.

Care Reminders:

Regardless of whether it is a badge or a card, these are both printed materials. We recommend not to expose them to the sun, otherwise they will fade or yellow, etc. An excessively moist environment will also cause the metal on the back of the badges to rust. You can place some desiccant packets in the binder to keep it dry.

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