Item of the Week: The Five Ring Safety Pin

Our handy-dandy five ring safety pins are a fantastic addition to any itabag! With these specialized safety pins you can display up to five charms or other decorative items with style. These safety pins come in four different colors to match any color scheme and are sure to be useful if you have many things to store at once.

To use these nifty little friends, just attach the charms by either looping the string of the charm through, attaching it as if it were a key ring, or with pliers- depending on how the charm is made. You can add as many extra frills or decorations to them as you want! Here we have only used a small star charm, but the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

These awesome pins are also extremely useful for tiling the same charm in a bag.You can hang five of the same keychain and show the world how strong your love is! With some keychains and a little finagling you may also be able to fit even more than five! Here we have 8 whole Best Bois! How many can you fit??

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