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Where to buy an ita-bag? - Ita Bag Shop

Where to buy an ita-bag?

Now that we know how to make an ita-bag, let’s prepare the materials for making one! The following includes several stores that sell ita-bags:

1. ItaBagShop

The first one that was introduced above is ItaBagShop. It is a store specializing in selling ita-bags as well as ita-bag decorations. It sells many styles of ita-bags, ranging from handbags, small satchels, backpacks, and pencil cases, etc. It also has many accessories, such as chains, tassels, and other accessories. In addition, it has practical tools such as badge covers and ita-bag inserts that help you create the most unique ita-bag.


WEGO’s handbags come in many transparent styles. They also come in multiple colors, and have many unique styles, such as imitation leather backpacks with a transparent heart shape in the middle that allows you to insert your best items in this area. The retail price ranges from about 1,000 to 3,000 yen.

3. Salus

Salus is an online store that specializes in selling women’s clothing. This store also sells ita-bags, but only has rectangle-shaped styles available in three sizes (miniature, A4, A3). Each style comes in at least 8 colors from which you can choose, and its total price is 2,150 yen.

Salus website *only in Japanese

4. オタマート(Otamart)

Otamart is an online store that sells high-quality anime items, and it sells bags with a price range of between 1,000 and 6,000 yen.


After purchasing a bag, you only have to prepare several items in order to start making an ita-bag. These include keyrings, jump rings, safety pins, and plush toys for decorations, basically anything can be attached to the bag so you can create your own unique ita-bag. You can come here as quickly as possible to make your own ita-bag!

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