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How to make an ita-bag insert? - Ita Bag Shop

How to make an ita-bag insert?

When making ita-bags, have you encountered the following situations: 

  • The bag is too big and the badge’s fastener hurts my hand.
  • The badge’s fastener attaches to the lining of the bag.
  • The bag has many holes because the badge’s fastener has punctured it.
  • When I leave the house and switch the bag’s items, it is necessary to refasten the badges.

You can use our soft badge board to solve all of these problems.

1. Fasten the badges to the soft board, and since our soft PVC board is transparent, it will not ruin the bag’s original background and color when it is put inside the ita-bag. The board is made of extremely soft material, and you will not hurt your hands when fastening the badges.

2. When removing it from the bag, the PVC board is soft and can bend. It can also be cut according to the bag’s size and then used with the bag.

3. Open up the bag, and put the soft board inside.

4. Pull the ita-bag’s zipper closed, and it’s done! The results after using the soft board.

Detailed results after using the soft board

When switching the items in the bag, just directly remove the soft board, and all you need to do is to put it into a new bag!  

Note: The soft board is made of soft and transparent PVC. It does not include the badges in the picture, and the badges are for display purposes only.

Our soft and transparent PVC board can fulfill your everyday bag fastening needs. If you are concerned that the soft board will fall out, you can use a safety pin to attach it to the bag.

At the same time, we have also launched an A4-size PVC hard board that you can cut. If you are concerned that it will fall out, you can use our hard board or use both boards at the same time with the soft board wrapped around the hard one.

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