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How to make an ita bag? - Ita Bag Shop

How to make an ita bag?

After detailed observation and analysis, there are some who have divided people with ita-bags into 6 different types. The Twitter netizen @naberorin has described the differences between each type of person who has an ita-bag.  


Who has an ita-bag

From left to right and top to bottom:

  1. The Multiple Carrier type: This refers to when a person has many ita-bags and uses them all at the same time. This kind of person will use different types of characters, anime series, and items to separately make ita-bags with different uses.
  2. The Improviser type: This refers to someone who is an ita-bag rookie because their ita-bag has only a few kinds of items. This type of person tends to not commit their full effort to devote their ita-bag to a particular character, and may also be unclear as to the character, anime series, or item on which they want to focus.
  3. The Altar type: This kind of person has a clearly defined design that they use for their ita-bag. The bag’s surface usually has heart shapes, slogans, initials of an anime series or character, ribbons, lace, or clearly recognizable characters and anime After their appreciation for the theme of their bag evolves, they turn into the Alchemist type.
  4. The Runaway type: This kind of person is someone who has advanced past the first stage of creating an ita-bag. They have many ita-bags, and it seems like everything they own is inside them, as if they are running away from home. Plush toys are their symbol.
  5. Grape Picker type: This type is an upgrade from the Improviser, as this person has more than several items on their bag, but will put a large quantity of the same item on their bag, just like a bunch of grapes. It seems like carrying this type of bag is definitely very painful!
  6. The Alchemist type: This type is an evolved version of the Altar. Someone carrying this type of ita-bag might use a T-shirt or multiple types of fabric to create a handcrafted bag, after which they add some meticulously detailed rosettes, ribbons, or badges. These are relatively harmless for your bag!

You can make your own ita-bag!

Do you want to join them? Do you want to transform your creativity into reality so everyone can see it? Then you can make your own ita-bag!

The following is what you need to prepare:    

 1. Bag

Japan ita bag

This is something that you definitely need, and if you do not have a bag, it is not possible to create an ita-bag. Many people tend to use a bag with a transparent plastic outer layer to protect the items that are fastened to it. If you are still unsure about what you want to commit yourself to (the Improviser), you can first use a small bag and only put a few items on it. However, if you have sincerely considered that you want to make an ita-bag, then you can find a larger and sturdier bag.

2. Items

Itabag items

You need to prepare different items: safety pins, jump ring, keyring, plush toys, etc. You can also express your creativity by using additional items. You can also put as many items as possible on the bag, provided that there is an available location and that you can still find a place to put them. The sequence is also up for you to decide. You can also put officially licensed items or ones you make yourself. When making an ita-bag, there is no distinguishing between high or low skill levels. Dedicating your whole effort to making an ita-bag is all that you need!


Buyer’s Show

Finally, I want to share these pictures with you: They are of ita-bags made by our store’s buyers.

Five star itabag
Five star ita bag

So you can make this kind of ita-bag?

After looking at these, don’t you want to have your own ‘ita’ bag right away?

Ita-bags are not an emerging cultural trend, as they have already existed for some time within the otaku community. However, they have received increasingly more attention during the last few months. When you add your own creativity to your collection, your own ita-bag will be born. Many otaku are very proud to have their own collection, and they believe that an ita-bag is an excellent medium that they can use to share their passion with others.

Will you be joining us now that you have this information? I hope that this article will help those of you who are interested in making an ita-bag. You must remember that an ita-bag displays your self-identity, so there are no special rules for making one. You can use your enthusiasm for anime  to enjoy the process of making an ita-bag.  

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