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You may have never heard of ITA BAG, but as long as you have been to Disney or visited comic exhibition, then it may leave an impression at some point in your life. Ita bag which has transparent appearance, with different sizes and packed with anime is entering the wardrobe of the younger generation of girls. If you also like to collect badges, cards and pendants, ita bags are a great way to show them off.

We have been focusing on ita bags and accessories since 2018 and providing a wide variety of ita bag products, such as handbags, shoulder bags, backpacks, doll bags and so on. Meanwhile, we also offer various materials and tools for making ita bags which make it easier for you to make a ita bag that belongs only to you.

Itabag Shop: the shop that helps bring your itabag dreams to life! Start your itabag today with our variety of bags, accessories, and decorations!