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Red Strawberry Ita Bag
Gabrielle Nelson

The bag looks exactly like the pictures; I couldn't be happier with it.

absolutely loved it!

the bag is incredible quality and is much bigger than I expected! im so excited to use it!


I completely forgot to write a review!! I had it for an entire year, this bag is amazing!! It hold my school stuff so well, and I literally carry it everywhere! I recommend it!


I think the bag is of great quality and came decently fast and it just looks so cute! I really love the fact that it comes with options to be worn as a backpack or used as a hand bag.

Heart Shaped Ita Bag
Miles McPherson

i like the bag a lot!! i wish the heart shape was a little more defined, but you can still tell it is what it is! it's pretty roomy as well. make sure you use the netted, with the velcro, side of the liner for pins and such, i totally forgot and poked holes in the fabric side for no reason T_T oopsy

Colorful Itabag Chain
Miles McPherson
not the best.

i didn't receive the product in the package with the actual bag i ordered. i contacted customer service and they responded once or twice, but never followed through with a refund, or actually sent the chain. pretty upsetting :-(

Good price/guality rate

The package arrived pretty quickly and I'm happy with my purchase ^u^

Good quality! Sturdy

This was my first ita bag I’ve ever ordered and think it’s really nice quality for the price!

Square Ita Bag 3way Ita Bag
Samantha Babineaux

The bag is made of great material, it feels very sturdy and is super cute


Very adorable! It's also worth noting that both sides have clear windows, not just one.


Fits perfectly with my charms and bags. Has a durable construction, too.

No thanks.

I don’t know cuz I never got the bag

Can Badge Cover
Ayssis De los Reyes
Not satisfied

I liked the items I got

BERRYQ Large Capacity JK Ita Bag
Kristine Sweep

Super fast shipping, thank you!

Highly recommended!

Was in desperate need for new inserts, these were perfect, the material is easy to fold yet holds its weight so I can put various pins and rubber straps.

Surprisingly bright and easy to set up

For the price, these lights are fantastic, it's super easy to set up and it shines super bright!

Adorable and easy to decorate with

Perfect size and color for my ita bag, took a bit to get here but I'm glad it arrived :)

Can Badge Cover
Miriam Martinez
Highly recommended!

Super cute :) Took a bit to get here but definitely worth the wait

Heart Japanese School Ita Bag
Helen Wightman-Smith

I love the size of the bag and the colour! if i cant fit things in my smaller bag i can use this one and i can still show off some of my own personal designs!


Love them so much! they add personality and fill my bag up a little more so it doesn't look as empty! they fall apart a little and cause a small mess but other then that I'm in love with them

LED String Lights / Deco Lights
Helen Wightman-Smith

the colours and simplicity really spice up my bag, they draw eyes to it and also light the bag up to show everything. I love them so much

Itabag Net Insert
Helen Wightman-Smith
Very Helpful, saved my bag!

When i first found out they existed i had to try it, i was inserting badges and accessories directly into the backing and it was so plain. Now they make my bags look so much more exciting

Pretty good!

Cat Paw Itabag Backpack
Kathryn czerwinski

The quality you are getting for the price is amazing! the bag can stand on its own and the stitching is no where near cheap or badly done! It was worth the little wait for it to arrive and when it arrived it was wrapped and packaged very neatly!

if you want to start your first ita bag this is FOR SURE! the place to get your first one!

Can Badge Cover
Veronica Lamarra
Highly recommended!

Exactly what I needed for my badges! Will definitely order again.