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How to decorate an ita-bag? - Ita Bag Shop

How to decorate an ita-bag?

Today I will be sharing some secrets with you that can help you easily make an ita-bag!

Let’s Make an Ita-Bag:

Step 1: Select an Ita-Bag Base!

Do your best to make sure that the items you plan to use match the Ita-Bag Base!

Align the Items Neatly

First, organize the items you have on a flat surface such as a table or where there is a lot of extra space!

Although any kinds of items are suitable for ita-bags, the simplest and most convenient ones to use are button badges and cellphone straps!

You can add many different kinds of items, but I suggest that you should pick the same sort of items: they will create a more memorable effect and there is no need to arrange them in a complex pattern!

Select an Ita-Bag Base

The next step is to select a bag that we will use as the Ita-Bag Base!

Recently, the ita-bag fad has taken over Japan!

The wide variety of ita-bags for sale at ItaBagShop might be confusing!

If you are unsure of which bag to buy, you can select one whose color matches the character you have chosen and for which one you want to make the ita-bag!

If the character is represented by a bright color such as orange or pink, you could also select a contrasting color such as white or black!

This effect will create a sense of unity that enhances the cuteness of the bag, and can be more effective than simply using a brightly colored bag!


2. Insert the items into the transparent part!

The items and the base of the ita-bag are both assembled. You can now attach and decorate the items. Are you assuming that this will take a long time to complete?

No! If you prepare ahead of time, it will not take long at all! Here’s how to do it!    

Before starting to decorate, you can put your items such as button badges and cellphone straps on the PVC board. You can open the zipper on the side of the bag and insert the board into the transparent cover! That’s all you need to do!

In this way, the ita-bag won’t get damaged. You can also easily alter the bag’s design whenever you want! Isn’t that amazing?

If you cannot organize the badges into straight lines, I suggest that you can put masking tape along the badges, which can help you neatly align them!

What do you think so far?

For those who are unsure about how to decorate the transparent part, please try this method! You can use it to make an ita-bag by using many different kinds of Ita-Bag Bases, which you can currently find at the ItaBagShop.

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